How do you get up in the morning?
Do you immediately get into the ratrace of the day or do you take time for yourself?
Do you also take time for your business?

I remember the time that I get up in the morning and there was an energy of fear and stress about business and money. I was fighting against these emotions. Playing that everything was ok and that I was happy. Inside of me I wasn’t happy at all. The stress and the fear made me feel completely cramped, in my head I tried to find solutions to get out of this. I had to fix this.

And so I was busy all day keeping my emotions under control, and working hard. Then I could say to myself that I was DOING a lot to fix the business and money problems.

Until the moment I got a burnout and had to let go of control.
This period gave me the awareness that entrepreneurship from my head did not work for me. Not to do business from DOING but from BEING. I had to connect with myself and my body again. That was the signal my body gave me through this burnout: To listen to my body and to connect with my body. Because that is where my inner wisdom is. It’s not in the head.

I learned tools to connect with my inner wisdom.
I learned tools to stay in my own energy.
I learned tools to engage in a dialogue with my business and so I know every day, every moment what I could and can contribute to my business.
I learned what my business requires from me and I also learned to ask my company what I wanted to receive.
And so there was an upward spiral.

I would like to share these tools with you in the free zoom call “Goodmorning Business; smiling into the day “ Because it can be different.
You don’t have to struggle!

By talking to my business every morning (and also during the day) I know what I can be and do that day. And that makes my life more fun and easier. What is possible for you and your business if you are given tools to do business in a different way? Your way.

This call gives you:
√ A boost for your business
√ It opens the possibilities for your business
√ Tools to start your day every morning, to connect with your business so that you know what your business requires from you.
√ Insights into your patterns, points of view and limiting beliefs you have with business
√ Tools to relax when you get stuck in your head
√ An energetic exercise to put on what you crave and receive it all with total ease

In short; a lot of information if know that more is possible with your business and you don’t know HOW.

Free zoom-call: ‘Goodmorning Business; smiling into the day’
Date: June 1
Time: 20.00 uur CET
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You probably wonder why this call will be held in the evening.
Because I love the joke and the fun of it! Ánd you can apply all these tools in the morning 😉


PS: This call is interactive. Please ask questions. I love to answer all your questions about this topic. If you cannot attend live, send me your questions via email.